Choosing a Carry On Case

Today's travelers need to consider the ever more stringent limitations on luggage size and weight. Thus, the more an empty piece of luggage weighs, the less actual baggage one can transport with it. Seeing as one also needs to think about having to lift the carry on bag into the overhead bin by oneself, weight must be an important consideration for that reason alone.
More than ever, today's luggage pieces should be lightweight, yet sturdy, possibly expandable and wheeled. Ideally further, the pull handle should be operable with only one hand, and since not all travelers are the same height, the length of the handle must be adjustable.

Briggs and Riley offer a 22” “vertical pullman” with telescoping handle and inline skate wheels.
It’s not the cheapest luggage available, but the reviews are impressive. Actual users of this luggage praise the quality of design and the materials used in its construction.
One reviewer terms this luggage ‘bombproof.’ Another calls it a ‘godsent.’ Both are frequent travelers and ‘carry on.’ The first compares Briggs & Riley’s ‘Baseline’ series very favourably with the Travelpro Platinum series, and both agree that the warranty is the best in the business.

A 20 inch upright suitcase may be the safest choice for carry on luggage which can be stored in the overhead bin. Some airlines may accept 22 inch suitcases, but it's best to check with the airline ahead of time. There are 22 inch vertical pullmans on the market that weigh no more than 10 lbs.
Choosing a bag that can be expanded via a special zipper or via some other system may offer more packing space, but your luggage item may no longer qualify as carry on luggage in its fully expanded form.

A rolling backpack can be your best choice if you need a bag that can easily be carried on board and stored under the seat. They often come with concealed straps for backpacking, as well as a telescoping handle and wheels for towing.
Some are expandable, others have a separate day pack which can be piggy-backed onto the backpack. This might be your prefered option, if you carry a laptop or other electronic gadget, which must be removed at security checks.

Several other pockets may be available for anything from important documents to umbrella or travel blanket. Women might appreciate a separate compartment that will hold their purse or some device, which allows them to attach the purse firmly and securely to the carry on case.

Before you purchase your carry on luggage you must ask yourself whether you usually have other luggage that you check through, or whether you try to get by with only carry on
Just how often do you travel? There will be more wear and tear on your luggage if it is checked through than there will be if you keep it with you
Are you fashion conscious? Is a certain color or style important to you?
Quality of construction, style, as well as the number of extras offered with a particular luggage item will add to the cost of production, resulting in a more expensive carry on case.
Choose well and have an enjoyable flight!

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