More than Rolling Carry On at Heathrow Airport

The other day it occurred to me that having talked quite a bit about Rick Steves’ globetrotting ways and his personal preferences for certain luggage, especially his Convertible Carry-On, I should give a nod to his travel books. I especially like Rick Steves Italy 2009 and a companion Italian phrase book. There are many others, however: Paris 2009. Rome 2009, European Christmas, Europe through the Back Door, and Great Britain 2009.

Speaking of Great Britain, did you see a week or so ago that London’s Heathrow Airport has appointed a writer-in-residence. What a great idea! His name is Alain de Botton. He is a popular philosopher and has set up shop in the airport’s new terminal 5.

Alain de Botton writes on a laptop, and as he does so, his thoughts are displayed on a screen behind him Alain de Botton claims to always have been mesmerized by airports, stating that all the big themes of life can be found encapsulated in the daily occurances of an airport: the power of technology, globalization, the environmental debate, consumerism, the frenzy of the modern workplace and the dreams of travel.

Many of us share his sentiments, I’m sure, and we won’t be surprised to learn that, ultimately, Mr. De Botton’s thoughts will be published in a book, entitled: “A Heathrow Diary.” Printing is scheduled for next month, with 10,000 copies to be set aside for distribution to Heathrow airport passengers.

One more time: What a great idea!

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