Rolling Luggage for Peace and Harmony

In Tijuana we witnessed our very first (and also our last) bullfight. After we left the arena half way through, we discovered the restaurant “Old Heidelberg.” We allowed the name to raise our expectations for a long missed German dish. Unfortunately, our ‘Sauerbraten’ must have come from a very tough old bull, one that had won a few fights before finally meeting his end.

We had been advised to leave our car on the American side of the border and walk across. It was also Sunday, and when I look at the old 8mm movie film I see myself dressed in a suit, wearing heels, carrying a lovely leather purse, ‘window’ shopping the leather bags in the open market. Not one rolling carry on bag in sight, though.

Our trip home had to be hurried along, because our holidays were running short, and both of us were expected back at our places of employment. Disneyland then was closed on Monday and Tuesday, but Santa Barbara beckoned. So did San Francisco with its Golden Gate Bridge, China town, Golden Gate Park, the Cable Cars and Fisherman’s Wharf.

One evening, still in California, we splurged on another motel room. Our room had a vibrating mattress, providing you dropped a quarter into the coin slot. Since we were almost home, we thought we’d treat ourselves. Nothing happened. In the middle of the night, however, the mattress, which had been on a timer, started to rock ‘n roll. In California!!!
What would you have thought? Earthquake! Grab the suitcase! Head for the hills!
Once we had left Napa Valley behind, we drove almost non-stop.

Thinking back to post war train travel with my parents I remember it all as a bit of a nightmare. Things were disappearing all the time. People were desperate, and while some never lost – in fact increased – their caring manner, many people were downright criminal. It was not unusual then for us to be reminded constantly to sit on the suitcases and guard them with our lives.

If it turned out that we were on the wrong platform, dad would grab a suitcase in each hand, strap another one around his neck with a leather belt and rush ahead, while mom grabbed onto us kids, pulling, shouting, running. It would have done wonders for family peace and harmony to have had rolling luggage! Dad’s life would certainly have been easier.
Rolling carry on luggage for peace and harmony!


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