Purchasing the right Luggage for the Job

There are people who plan everything down to the minutest detail. These people will always be prepared, and every trip will begin with only the best and most convenient luggage items to make the trip a sheer joy. Well, that’s one sort of people.
We were not such people!

Our suitcases often were already full when we left home, and more than once we had to purchase extra bags or suitcases along the way. Ditto for umbrellas, by the way.
One such extra was a beautifully constructed, expandable leather suitcase on wheels. In those days we still traveled with three children, so weight restrictions were not an issue.

One thing we had not considered though, and were reminded of very soon: Small wheels don’t work very well on cobblestones. A reminder that it is important to take into account the reason a piece of luggage is bought, the purpose it must serve, and the conditions under which it must perform.

If you want a school bag or backpack, a review like the following sure sounds good:
“Seven years of daily use by my daughter and then son, the telescoping handle did not break until it was backed over by a truck.” Sounds like a great rolling backpack, don’t you think?

If, on the other hand, you are an executive who travels frequently, this review might appeal to you.
“Unbelievably light weight yet fully featured. Lightweight graphite copolymer frame.
Trolley cases feature a Travel Sentry TSA Approved combination lock for convenience and security while traveling. Recessed locking Trolley handle made of industrial aluminum with easy access push button to lock and release (One hand operation) – protected and recessed Velocity in-line skate wheels for an easy roll and long lasting service.” And there’s more!
Both these items are featured in this blog. Olympia 19” Rolling Backpacks and Delsey Helium expandable suiter.
Of course, the vintage trunks would come in handy for a move to outer Siberia, but if you like it where you are, they’re quite decorative, don’t you think?

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