Why Rolling 'Carry On' Luggage?

Why rolling carry on luggage with the emphasis on “carry on?” Because the carry-on tote, carry-on bag, carry-on case, regardless what you call it, is the most important member of your luggage family. The carry on tote, -bag, -case stays by your side like a trusted friend. While you have checked all your other luggage and won’t see it again until you get to your destination - if you’re lucky! - the carry on stays with you like a best bud. Of course, it can also be a real pain.

What is the difference between the carry on tote, the trusted friend, and the carry on bag, the hated nag?
For one thing, the carry on bag that turns out to be a nag very likely does not have wheels. If it does, they won’t work. It’ll be a bother to lug around. You never know where to find things, and it’ll just barely fit into the size requirements. Very likely at least one zipper is stuck and one seam ripped.

The good carry-on tote, by comparison, will be the friend with a place for everything and everything in its place. The wheels will run smoothly, the handle will fit into your hand just so, there will be compartments for important documents, space for your Sudoku or crossword puzzles, and space for your novel. In a pinch it’ll even act as your footstool, if you need to take a nap during an airport layover.
Should you need to take along a laptop, the carry on tote, the good bud, will make room for that, also.

Of course, trusted friends are rarer than the hated nags. One needs to be a little selective in choosing them, but if you choose well, you will always be able to rely on them, even when they lose some of their newness and instead become more like favorite slippers. Quality is built in.

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