An Ode to ‘Guess What’.

Having just returned from a short but sweet holiday, I must once again stress how great it is to have good luggage items. Good luggage is important no matter whether your holiday lasts 5 weeks or 5 days, no matter whether you fly or drive. Coming to think of it, even if you hike or bike you need good luggage to make your trip comfortable and definitely more enjoyable. Does it need to be rolling carry on luggage? I suppose, if you hike or bike that would actually be a hindrance. For a flying holiday rolling carry on luggage would likely be ideal, but don’t think it can’t help with a driving holiday, also.

The more I travel the more I realize how accommodations have changed. Yes, there still are a few of the old one or two story motels around, and nothing beats parking right in front of your unit! If you find yourself on the third or fourth floor, however, you may not want to hop back and forth between your unit and your car. You definitely want to have a good rolling carry-on case along for those endless inside hallways

Our little trip was a driving holiday, and we actually were fortunate enough to be able to park right in front of our unit. Nevertheless, we had packed one of our rolling carry-ons with what was required. Now I ask you, which packing item do you suppose I appreciated the most this time around? It’s actually one I have appreciated for several years in several countries already. When I first purchased it six years ago, it was a desperation purchase. I needed a new one; I had to fly to a funeral. Thinking about advantages and disadvantages of a ‘toiletry bag’ was the last thing I was inclined to do at that time. And I didn’t. I grabbed the bag, thinking I would probably not like it, but whatever ….

Well, I not only learned to like it, I very quickly learned to love it. What an improvement over my former one zipper one compartment bag! Picture a longish bag with three smaller compartments - and one larger, expandable one at the end – all of them zippered and see-through. It’s like traveling with a nicely organized, four level, medicine chest. Depending on how you pack your suitcase, this bag can be folded in three. Most of the time mine is folded in two – one slightly deeper and one slightly thinner side. That’s how it fits best into my rolling carry-on bag.

Wherever we go, it hangs from its coat-hanger type contraption, either on the shower curtain rod, the towel bar, or a hook placed strategically somewhere in the room. The coat-hanger contraption can easily be removed to make the bag washable. So, you see, rolling carry on luggage can actually be upstaged by a toiletry bag. Since you’re probably curious about the make of my bag, it’s a MaggiB. The closest one I could find to compare is a Tepper Jackson Mariposa Roll-up, strictly based on looks. So, this has been my ‘Ode to a toiletry bag.’

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