New (temporary?) regulations for Carry-On Luggage

Carry On Restrictions:
(Of interest to international travelers)
Once again, just when we began feeling a little more secure, an attempt was made to blow up a passenger airliner.  It's particularly galling that it happened on Christmas Day.  Fortunately the attempt failed. Still, there are consequences.  There always are consequences!
At present no more real carry on luggage is allowed.  You may carry on a diaper bag, if traveling with an infant, a medical supplies bag, a camera, laptop case or purse.  Please make sure they don't contain any items, which might be on the not permitted list, as all carry on items will still be hand searched.
For now the resulting extra checked luggage will not cost you an added fee.
Be prepared to spend extra time in line and arrive at the airport keeping that extra time in mind. Touchmaster may just help the time pass a little faster.

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