Traveling with Kids

At present traveling by air appears to be more stressful than ever.  Traveling with children can make it even worse, unless you are prepared and have prepared them.
Traveling with Kids helps you to prepare the children, whether it be a road trip or an airline flight, whether you travel to new surroundings or to visit with unfamiliar faces. Both you and the children will find the trip less stressful, because unexpected happenings are not quite so unexpected, and possible delays have been taken into account ahead of time.

Just think back to a past family adventure; one that did not quite turn out as you had envisioned.  Is it possible that the children also had other expectations?  Even Disneyland may not live up to your or your children's mental image, if the odd TV commercial is all you base it on.  Preparing every one ahead of time by creating realistic expectations and stocking up on ideas on how to pass the time on long car rides or waiting around in airports makes every trip more enjoyable for the entire family. 
The abundance of thoughtful tips offered in Traveling with Kids helps parents put themselves into their children's shoes.  Children, on the other hand, are empowered to cope with new 'adventures.'

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