If you Love to Travel, you will Love this New Special Interest Travel Web Page!

If you love to travel, here is a new web page you should bookmark.  It is very new, and because of that, it is still free.  Free is good, isn’t it?  It gives you the opportunity to take it for a test drive and then decide whether to keep it in your favorites list or not.

I’ve looked around in it and would describe it as a good substitute for having a willing and very knowledgeable friend or relative at your destination, one who can and will make certain you get to see not only the customary points of interest, but also the special places and events appreciated by locals.

Here are three examples:

Farallon Island Whale Watching from San Francisco – offered by the Oceanic Society
“Eight-hour, naturalist-led, boat trips leave from San Francisco and head to the Farallon Islands, spotting whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, and marine birds.”


Taal Volcano Trek offered by Cultureight Travel
“Drive south of Manila and visit one of the most dangerous underwater volcano’s on the planet - Taal Volcano. Stay overnight at a family-run farm and partake in an authentic Batangeno meal. Learn how to fish atop bamboo stilts and take a pump-boat ride and trek to the warm crater lake.”

Painting in Provence – offered by Ellen Greenberg and Bill Ternay
“If you want a great vacation and a chance to take a crack at expressing the hidden artist in you, this is an extraordinary way to start--- or if you just want to escape and take an exceptional fascinating journey (much more to do than paint!) then join Bill and me for wine, food and special exclusive excursions in the south of France!”

The page offers many more adventures.  You can actually book anything that appeals to you right there.  Payment is via paypal.

And here is another great feature!  Should you have an adventure of your own, one you would like to offer online, that opportunity is also given.  Really, check it out!  It’s definitely worth a look

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