Five Tips on Having your Important Luggage arrive with you.

Have you ever found yourself at your point of destination without your luggage?  Was the suit you were going to wear while delivering an important speech in said lost luggage?  And, were you wearing your rattiest jeans?
Always consider the possibility that your luggage may not arrive with you and may, in fact, not be located in due time.  The following tips will help:

1)  If your trip is a short one, consider using a carry-on case that is large enough to hold all your necessary gear, while still coming in under the size guidelines for carry-on luggage.  (Generally 115 cm or 45 linear inches adding height, width and depth.)
2)  At the very least make certain that items which absolutely cannot be lost even for a few hours are packed in your carry-on case.
3)  Make sure the person checking your luggage through affixes the correct airport code for your destination.
4)  If at all possible, fly direct.  Transferring increases the likelihood of luggage being lost. 
5)  Try to make your luggage stand out from the rest.  Any personalizing addition to your luggage makes it less likely someone will accidentally mistake your luggage for their own.

Keeping these points in mind and adhering to them will greatly reduce the chance of you having to purchase a new suit on the fly or delivering your speech dressed in your rattiest jeans.


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