Don't leave home without it.

Guess what three items are absolute 'must packs' for me when traveling, no matter whether for a day, a week or a month. A good book? Yes, but if I forget to pack one, I can still purchase one along the way. Puzzles? Yes, but most dailies easily fulfill that passion as well. What is not so easily fixed along the way is first: Good, light weight luggage, second: my own music, and third: my Canon digital camera.
Good luggage needs no explanation. Good, light weight, rolling luggage simply makes traveling easier! My own music? It's difficult in strange surroundings to find a radio station that suits my tastes. My iPod, on the other hand, holds more music than I can comfortably listen to in quite a while. Most important, though, my DSLR camera!
For the duration of the trip my camera becomes an extra appendage - two legs? Check. Two arms? Check. One head? Check. One camera? Check.
I've lived and traveled this way for quite a few years. Proof is easily produced by the stacks of photo albums and, of late, the wonderful collection of images that slides across our monitor whenever our computer is not being used. Both my husband and I love to test our memory by standing in the doorway for a few moments and calling out the pictures' location: St. Augustine! Venice! Berlin! The Rockies! On good days it may even be: Jasper, 2006. Dresden, 2005. Riviera Maya 2004.
My heart absolutely melts, of course, when I see photos of the grand kids, who are growing up way too quickly. O, they were so cute! The older they get, the cuter they seem to us now, but every time they're over for a visit, they still make tempting photo objects.
On our daily walks in the park we often encounter camera crazies, who seem to enjoy taking pictures of everything around them. Some carry tripods and huge extra lenses, with which to zoom in on the tiniest treasures of nature. Others look for the best landscapes, or record their dogs bouncing after sticks, balls and Frisbee.
This prompts the exclamation: Aren't digital cameras the best thing since sliced bread? Isn't it a fantastic option to be able to experiment with your camera in all kinds of lighting, in all sorts of surroundings, with any object you choose, and then to be able to check over the results and discard what you don't like and save only the best? In the times of 35 mm film that would have been an expensive undertaking.
Years ago American Express coined the slogan: Don't leave home without it. That's exactly what I want to say about your camera. "Don't leave home without it," and you will sing like Bob Hope, "Thanks for the memories."
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